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big data

We. Love. Data! We love everything about data: Volume, velocity, variety, variability, complexity. You name it. And where others start cringing, yawning or excessively checking their social media feeds or emails, we start smiling, mining and thriving.

We believe that big data hold the truth about your business and are the golden key to strategic decision making. Now, we do understand that the amount and complexity of data that inundate you on a daily basis can be quite overwhelming. Don’t worry. Leave it to us to process and analyze your data and we will provide you with the insights you need for product or service innovations and strategic business development.


If it’s not scalable, don’t do it! We keep our focus on scalable solutions for your business: clean, uncluttered, easy to maintain business management and marketing tools that let you automate as many processes as possible and fully integrate with your finance management, operational, marketing and customer relationship systems.

That way you will have to spend less time worrying about how and when to get things done and how to grow your business and have more time available for product development, your customers and the things that matter most to the essence of your business.

systems! systems! systems!

You’ve made it through the startup phase. Congratulations! That also means that you have outgrown the craziness of launching your business and doing everything  you can to stay alive. Now it’s time to grow your business and you need to put systems in place that allow you to do that.

We help you select solutions that are the right fit for your business and encourage sustainable growth. Sometimes bootstrapping will still be the answer and a combination of free, open source systems will do the job. Sometimes paying a small monthly or one-time set-up fee will be your best option. And sometimes the one & only big service provider will be the right choice. We help you find the right solution that lets you grow and thrive.

strategic growth

Holding on to the vision of your business while following through on continuous development and day-to-day operations is not easy. There will always be challenges, distractions, and more important things to do.

Based on historic data, strategic analyses and financial forecasts we help you map out a realistic business growth plan. Then we’ll keep our focus on day-to-day operations, process optimization and sustainable business growth, making sure that things keep on moving in the right direction at the right time with the right resources.

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