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tim peck :: tesigns founder

Finance & operations pro with more than 30 years experience in nonprofit management, production, manufacturing, small business management, and business development consulting.

Dog whisperer, business analyst & strategist, master negotiator. Can explain complex financial & operational systems to 10-year olds and unfocused, overwhelmed business owners.

Favorite quote:
A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Tim launched his first business at the age of twelve. From his first ventures providing independent newspaper delivery, pool cleaning, and lawn maintenance services and (involuntarily) subcontracting to his three older brothers, he quickly learned to apply his superb technical skills and never resting creative mind toward optimizing processes in order to streamline operations, maximize revenue and get away from his brothers.

He moved on to getting a degree in technical engineering as well as an MBA in marketing and finance and working with international corporations such as Cleveland Classic (Rossignol), Bosch, BMW, Booz Allen, Harley Davison and the International Mountain Bicycling Association and with a number of small businesses and nonprofit organizations in a variety of positions ranging from operations and finance management to technical & IT consulting.

With his strong background in operations, finance, and technology he provides hands-on strategic and development support for implementing larger online platforms and integrating new IT infrastructures with finance, operations, and customer relation management systems.

Tim has expert skills in all MS office and Quickbooks products, programming experience in MySQL, Drupal, and CiviCRM and is fluent in VBA, shell, SQL, Perl, Java, Ruby, XML, PHP, English, and German (Bavarian).

When he is not busy helping clients grow into profitable enterprises, you will find him building furniture, cooking delicious low-fat, vegan meals and hiking/ mountain biking the trails of the Rocky Mountains and Austrian Alps.

ulli lagler peck :: tesigns ceo

Internet pioneer with more than 25 years international marketing & management experience with environmental nonprofit organizations, health & wellness businesses and the tourism industry.

Genuinely & contagiously happy, puts people at ease, creates clarity for everything and everyone, brings lost projects back on track.

Favorite quote:
Between any two pines is a doorway to a new way of life.

Ulli (pronounced like Julie without the J) first started working with internet technology in 1992 when the world wide web was still in its baby shoes and people relied on bitnet, archie, gopher, and veronica to get around online. As team member of an environmental data center that was launched by the United Nations Environment Program to provide internet access to scientific organizations in Central and Eastern Europe she trained scientists in online research using telnet, ftp, and other internet-based search features.

From this pioneering IT work in the early nineties, she ventured off into various marketing & management positions in the environmental nonprofit and corporate hospitality world. She helped design and implement global conservation campaigns for organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, worked with marketing agencies on the design and implementation of international educational and social marketing initiatives, and managed day-to-day operations of restaurants, hotels, wellness centers, and resort spas in Austria, Switzerland, and the US.

In 2008 she discovered web design and online marketing management as the perfect playground for her. Working at the interface of technology, creativity, and wellness allows her to put her technical and strategic skills as well as her creative mind and deep passion for healthy, sustainable living to work.

Ulli loves clear, uncluttered design, marketing that informs, inspires and encourages meaningful dialogues and businesses that live up to their social and environmental responsibility. With her web design and marketing skills she focuses on helping wellness destinations, mindbody professionals and creative entrepreneurs successfully launch and promote destination retreats, online programs and transformative journeys that empower people to proactively take charge of their wellbeing.

Her passion for healthy, sustainable living and her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the launch two other ventures that focus on the design and marketing of wellness retreats: The Wellness Agency®, which she founded in 2008 and Pomale, a B2C marketing platform, the latest addition to her body of work.

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